17 Fun Things to Do on a Bus Ride and 9 Things Not to Do

Fun Things to Do on a Bus Ride

If you’ve ever been on a long bus ride, you know how quickly you may become bored. Whether you are traveling by yourself or surrounded by a group of loved ones, you can kick boredom to the curb thanks to these amazing ideas.

From sitting back and listening to podcasts to tackling more productive tasks, there is plenty to do to pass the time. Here are some exciting things to do on a bus trip.

8 Things to Do on a Bus by Yourself

Things to Do on a Bus

Use the solo time aboard one of our coach buses to relax and focus on yourself! Here are some ways that you can pass the time that are both enjoyable and productive.


Audiobooks If you have a running list of books you’ve been wanting to read but you never seem to find the time, why not explore an audiobook or two while traveling? Audiobooks are an amazing way to pass the time.

Watch YouTube or a Movie

Download the movie of your choice or use the in-bus WiFi to connect to YouTube. Watching movies or a tv show is a relaxing way to spend the duration of your bus trip. Don’t forget to bring your headphones so you don’t disturb other bus riders!

Organize Your Email

If your email inbox has become a wasteland for promotional offers and other clutter, why not spend your bus trip deleting old emails and organizing new ones? You can also consider making labeled folders within your inbox to keep the incoming flow or mail organized.

Listen to a Podcast

One of the most relaxing and enjoyable ways to spend your bus ride is to listen to some interesting podcasts. From news-related podcasts to true crime to pop culture, there are many genres from which you can choose. Before you know it, you will have arrived at your destination.

Create a Playlist

Similar to podcasts, you can also spend your time curating the perfect playlist. Consider putting together different playlists for different purposes. For example, you can create a playlist for work, working out, relaxing, hanging out with your friends, etc.

Organize and Edit Photos

If you have recently taken a lot of photos (such as while you were on your trip) why not spend your bus ride organizing and editing them? Adjust the lighting, delete any photos that didn’t turn out how you wanted them to, or send them to friends and family.

Play Online Chess or Other Games

Online games are a great way to pass the time if you’re traveling on the bus alone. Chess is a popular option but there are also online versions of checkers, backgammon, solitaire and so much more. Select the game of your choosing and enjoy!

Learn a New Language

We all could make more time to better ourselves. Why not spend your time on the bus learning a new language? There are many popular apps that make it easy to learn a new language for free.

9 Things to Do on a Long Bus Ride without Electronics

Things to Do on a Long Bus Ride

Maybe you forgot to bring a charger or you simply want to cut back on screen time while you’re aboard the bus. Here are some creative ways that you can pass the time.


We’ve all been there—riding in a vehicle and not being able to keep our eyes open. If you need to catch up on sleep, consider doing so while you are aboard the bus. Your nap will be even more enjoyable with a pillow and blanket.


You don’t need to be a professional writer to get the benefits out of writing! Grab a piece of paper or a spare journal and write down your thoughts, goals, to-do lists, etc. If you get carsick when looking down, make sure to take some sort of motion sickness medicine.

Crosswords and Puzzle Books

Challenge your mind through crosswords and puzzle books filled with games that will keep your interest throughout the duration of the bus ride. As a pro tip, consider bringing an extra pen or two in case the one you are using doesn’t work anymore.


Do you know how to knit? If so, consider doing this while on the bus to pass the time. You can make gloves, a scarf, a potholder—the options are endless! Don’t forget to pack your supplies ahead of time.


There’s no better feeling than diving into a book that’s long been on your reading list. Whether you read from a handheld device such as a Kindle or a hard copy is completely up to you. Before you know it, you’ll have arrived at your destination.

Talk with Strangers

If you find yourself incredibly bored without your electronics, why not tap into your social side and make conversation with someone sitting around you? Learning about another person’s background or travels is a great way to pass the time.


Zen out while aboard one of our coach motor buses by meditating. The best part is that you don’t need any technology to meditate. Simply close your eyes, relax your body, and allow your thoughts to pass.


Your body may feel tired from traveling and from sitting in a bus for an extended amount of time. Consider doing some light stretching to keep the blood flow moving. You can stretch your arms, legs, shoulders, wrists, and any other areas that feel sore or tight.

Write a To-Do List for Your Trip

On the way to your destination, consider putting together a to-do list of things that you need to accomplish while on your trip. This simple action will help you feel organized when you arrive.

9 Things Not to Do on a Bus

Things Not to Do on a Bus

You should always be respectful of other people while on a long bus journey. Here are some activities you shouldn’t do while on a coach bus:

  • Avoid eating foods that are particularly smelly as it will cause the entire bus to smell
  • Keep the volume down on your headphones so you don’t disturb other passengers
  • Don’t put your feet on the chair of the person in front of you
  • Keep your items confined to your one seat. Since you only paid for one seat, be respectful of other people’s space
  • Avoid lengthy phone calls
  • Don’t leave your valuable items out for the show as you never know who may be eyeing them
  • If you stop at a rest area, don’t be late getting back on the bus. Be mindful of other people’s time
  • Don’t let the small things get to you and try to be as tolerant as possible toward other people
  • Always cover your mouth if you have to sneeze or cough


Riding on a Chicago Motor Coach can be an incredibly enjoyable experience with the right activities! We encourage you to explore all of our route and fleet offerings for your upcoming travels for a first-class travel experience.

Contact us if you have additional questions!

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