6 Tips for Stretching You Can Do From Your Seat While Traveling

6 Tips for Stretching You Can Do From Your Seat While Traveling

Long road trips can be quite fun, especially when you’re traveling with family or friends. All throughout the trip, there’s nothing quite like dreaming about your destination while also enjoying the entire trip. But it can also be stressful when you know you have to sit on the coach bus for hours on end.

Sitting for long periods while traveling can be quite stressful for your body. When you’re just stiff on your seat, you’ll find that your body will end up feeling stiff and aching all over. One surefire way to find relief is to learn how to stretch while sitting.

Learning how to stretch while sitting can relieve you of tense body pains while waiting for the next stop. It helps your body feel looser, it gets the blood flowing again, and it helps you stay alert during your trip.

We’re here to make long bus trips less stressful for you. Here are a few seated stretches you can do on your next trip.

Upper Back

Bus Stretching for Back

One of the very first areas to feel muscle tightness is your upper back. This occurs when your seat isn’t angled correctly or if you’re hunched over while sitting. When you’re tensed up like that, you will most likely feel the brunt of the pain on your traps and rhomboids.

One helpful seat stretch exercise you can do to relieve pain from your upper back is to stretch this area out. First, place both of your feet flat on the floor. Next, lift your left arm up at a 90-degree angle, elbow down. Now place the crook of your right arm under your left elbow and reach your hand, threading the forearm.

Alternatively, if you’re unable to do the first, you can also simply place the crook of your right arm underneath the elbow, straighten your arm, and pull it towards you while twisting your torso along with the motion. Repeat for the other arm.

Middle Back

Bus Stretching for Middle Back

Not too far from your upper back is your middle back. This area is also prone to tightness if you’re sitting down for too long. You can loosen it up with some seated stretches.

First, cross your right leg over your left leg. Twist your torso gently toward your right leg. Hold it for five seconds, then do the same thing for the other side. But switch up your legs for the other side.

Another seat stretch exercise you can do is by curving your spine. Square your feet on the floor shoulder-width apart. Place your hands above your knees and intertwine them while your elbows are planted on your knees. Now, curve your spine towards your seat. Hold this position for about five seconds and repeat the process ten times.


Pressure can build up on your hips when you’re sitting for too long. Oftentimes, this pressure can be easily relieved while standing up and walking it out. But there are times when you just have to learn how to stretch while sitting if you can’t walk or stand up just yet.

Stretch out your hips by placing the outside portion of your right ankle on your left knee while sitting up straight. While in that position, gently push your right knee downward, using your left knee as a fulcrum. You will feel your hips and buttocks being stretched out. Hold the position for a few seconds and release. Do this for the other side as well.


Bus Stretching Neck

Your neck is one of the most crucial parts of your body and one of the most susceptible to stiffness and cramping when sitting for prolonged periods of time. It also gets worse as discomfort on your neck could lead to a headache. That’s why it’s important to learn how to stretch while sitting to relieve this tension from your neck muscles.

To perform this seat stretch exercise, begin by sitting up straight on your seat. Place your left hand under your seat and brace yourself. Place your right hand over while holding the left side of your head. Slowly pull down your head to the right to stretch your neck and traps. Hold for a few seconds and repeat. Do the same for the other side.


Bus Stretching Shoulders

Once you’re done with the seated stretches for your neck, it’s time to stretch out your shoulders. In a seated position, place both hands on the back of your head. Nod and face the floor while pulling your head downward to stretch the back of your neck and traps. Make sure to inhale and exhale deeply and properly while doing the stretches.

Legs and Ankles

Last but not least, your legs and ankles. Seated stretches are the most helpful for legs and ankles, especially after a day of standing and walking. With these stretches, you can decide to take off your shoe or keep it on.

Either way, you need to put the outside of your ankle on your left knee, the same way we did for the hips. You’ll be in a great position to massage your feet. If you need a more intense stretch, lean forward and place your forearms above the crossed leg. Do this for the other side and repeat the process as many times as you like for a quick release.

Don’t Forget to Stretch at Rest Stops

Bus Stretching at Stops

The best thing to do is always to take the time to stretch and walk around while your coach bus is stopped. Get the blood circulating again, alleviate some of the stiffness that builds up in your joints, and breathe in plenty of air. That way, you’ll be back in full condition to travel again in no time.


Traveling for long periods of time might feel too discomforting as tension can build up, or an uneasy position is blocking blood flow to other parts of your body. Make sure you perform these easy seated stretches while practicing good posture to relieve some of that pressure and feel comfortable while traveling again.

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