7 Most Common Wedding Transportation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Wedding Transportation Mistakes

It’s your wedding day! You’ve spent months planning everything from the flowers to the shoes you’re going to wear on your special day. Everything is set from the food, the cake, the wine, and your entourage. But have you ever thought about transportation?

The truth is: not every wedding couple thinks about wedding party transportation. In fact, it’s one of the most overlooked parts of a wedding. Sure, your guests might bring a car – but most of them might not. And for those who will bring their cars, there might not be enough space for parking.

Wedding transportation is one of the most important parts of your wedding not just for bridal party transportation but for an entire wedding party because what’s a grand wedding celebration if you don’t have guests? Might as well get married at the courthouse. Our point is, don’t make any of these wedding transportation mistakes. We’ve compiled a list of seven of the easiest wedding transportation mistakes you can make as well as suggestions on how to avoid them.

Leaving Guests to Fend for Themselves

How to Avoid Wedding Mistakes

Sharing your I DOs on your big day is one of the best moments in your life. Having your closest friends and family there with you to share the moment makes it even more magical. That’s why even if they’re hundreds or even thousands of miles away, they won’t hesitate to fly there and be with you on your special day – but most couples forget that and fail to arrange for appropriate transportation.

Don’t leave your guests, especially those from out of town, to fend for themselves. They most likely won’t know the area, which means they might get lost and fail to attend your wedding.

Avoiding the Mistake: Pre-arrange safe and appropriate wedding transportation for your out-of-town guests. Book a minibus or a shuttle to pick up and drop off your wedding guests from their hotel so they arrive safe and on-time for your wedding.

Limiting Transport to Just the Ceremony

Most couples only think about transporting guests to and from the wedding ceremony. And that would be alright if your wedding only had one event. But for most weddings in the United States, there are so many events you have to account for, including the engagement party, the bachelor and/or bachelorette party, and the rehearsal dinner. And if your reception was in a separate venue, then you also have to account for that.

Avoiding the Mistake: Make the convenience of your wedding party a priority by booking alternative wedding transport ahead of time as part of wedding party transportation etiquette. Take note of all your wedding events and all the people attending. Prepare the appropriate transportation to ensure your wedding party is comfortable.

Not Thinking About Potential Delays

Most Common Wedding Transportation Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is assuming everything in your wedding will be perfect. Just like in the movies, there’s almost always that one thing that can potentially ruin a wedding ceremony – and that includes wedding transport. If your transport of choice is late in picking up and dropping off guests at your wedding, then your entire event can also be affected – and It only usually takes one mistake to ruin an entire event.

Avoiding the Mistake: Punctuality is the mark of a pro. Avoid any potential delays to your ceremony by booking tried and tested wedding transportation companies like Chicago Motor Coach. They keep track of traffic situations and forecasts and come up with an appropriate plan to get your guests safely and on-time.

Waiting Too Long to Make a Reservation

For most couples, wedding transportation is only considered an after-thought. And because they think it’s just something minor, they often leave it off until just about a few weeks or days before their big event. And what happens when you put off making a reservation until the last second? You’d be lucky enough to book even a single one. But if others are also looking for alternative wedding transport, you’re left with no other alternative wedding transport because no other units are available.

Avoiding the Mistake: Don’t leave off something like this as a last-minute decision. Plan months ahead. If you’re finalizing your guest list early, then that would be better to know your expected headcount. That way, you can make a reservation early with the expected number of guests accounted for.

Failing to Read the Fine Print

Avoiding Wedding Transportation Mistakes

Unless you live in an area where contracts are meaningless (which is impossible), then the contract you sign with a wedding transport service is ironclad. So before signing any agreement, make sure you read the fine print. Read the contract in its entirety. They might pull a fast one on you like send a different car or make, a smaller unit, or the dates and cost to rent a bus for a wedding might be different on the contract.

Avoiding the Mistake: Always take a look at all the details presented in your contract. Make sure all the details such as dates, costs, number of guests, and schedules to follow are according to what you both agreed on. Or better yet, avoid sketchy companies altogether and instead hire a reliable transport service like Chicago Motor Coach Inc.

Leaving Out Important Details

One common mistake couples make when booking a transportation service is that they end up leaving out specific details such as a list of guests to pick up, pick up address, and the time for pickup. It’s understandable because they have so many things to think of about their wedding. However, it does leave problems for the driver, which causes delays for the guests.

Avoiding the Mistake: Like some of the advice we gave, this can be solved by making a list of the details you need to collect and give to the transportation service even before making a booking. That way, the booking service can ask you immediately about missing details and fill them in later rather than having to come up with an entire list immediately.

Not Hiring the Best Transportation Service

Common Wedding Transportation Mistakes

The most common mistake couples make when hiring a transportation service is getting fixated on the cost to rent a bus for a wedding and end up hiring services that offer subpar services. This is often a source of headaches for couples on their big day because of all sorts of delays, problems with the payment, and other complaints.

Avoiding the Mistake: Steer clear of any headaches and gain peace of mind by going with the best transportation service in the business. Chicago Motor Coach offers premium bridal party transportation and wedding services at affordable rates.

The Best In The Business

Knowing the most common transportation mistakes that people make while planning for their wedding goes a long way to making sure your big day goes off without a hitch. After all, you want people to come and share with your joy on that special day as they witness you and your partner blissfully say “I do.”

Avoid all of these mistakes altogether by working with the best in the business. Chicago Motor Coach offers premium transportation services for your guests and wedding party to ensure a smooth ride and an enjoyable experience. Book with us by calling 874-260-9797 or signing this form.

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