Three interesting Chicago holiday hot spots in the city and suburbs

Chicago lake front holiday

Thanksgiving and Christmas are some of the busiest times for long-distance travel. According to the U.S. Holiday Travel Bureau, 91% of people use their own vehicles to travel long-distance during the holidays. These statistics come from the U.S. Holiday Travel Bureau. Today, we want to talk about some more Chicago […]

Winter WonderFest in Chicago

Celebrating its 17th anniversary this year, the Winter WonderFest event in Chicago has become a staple of the holiday season in this amazing city. The fest draws hundreds of people from all over the United States – and the rest of the world – to take part in winter wonder […]


While Naperville was recently ranked as the second-best city to live in in the United States, it also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Chicagoland area, and for good reason. There are numerous tourist attractions throughout the Naperville region, giving everyone the opportunity to […]

Why You Should Rent a Coach Bus for Sporting Event Transportation

Have you ever wondered how to safely transport a group of fans to a sporting event, or how to move a sports team from Point A to Point B, in a way that keeps them fresh for the big game ahead? When you choose the right Chicago charter bus company, […]

Why Not Rent a Bus for a Fun School Field Trip?

If you’re a Chicago-based educator and want to plan an exciting, educational, and enjoyable field trip for your students, renting a coach bus through Chicago Motor Coach is a smart idea. After all, the safety and happiness of your students will be your responsibility. Renting a bus will be easier […]

Why You Should Rent a Coach Bus for Your Wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are always plenty of practical details to take care of. One of them is ensuring that your guests are comfortable, relaxed, and safe! If you’re planning a bigger wedding, you’ll find that renting a charter bus is the best way to take […]

How to Get Ready for a Great Chicago Charter Bus Trip

Chicago charter bus

Are you planning to go on a charter bus trip featuring a Chicago departure point? If so, you should know that having a plan in mind, which includes bringing the right stuff with you, will be the key to ensuring that every single minute of your journey is pleasant. Today, […]