How Many Seats Are on a Charter Bus?

How Many Seats Are on a Charter Bus

You probably never thought about the information until you needed it for an upcoming outing. Then it became the most critical information in the world. How many seats are on a charter bus exactly? Also, how many charter buses do we need to take to fit our entire group?

These two questions impact so many factors in your trip. To figure it out, start by doing a headcount for who in your group wants to go. At Chicago Motor Coach, we often work with organizations who need help finding the best option based on the number of seats, location, travel time, and other factors.

Let us help you by identifying some solutions.

Types and Seating Capacity of Our Charter Buses

How many seats are on a charter bus depends on the specific bus you choose for your outing. At Chicago Motor Coach Inc., we are equipped with five different bus sizes equipped to handle parties of different sizes.

Our charter buses range from the 28-Passenger Executive Mini Coach Buses to our 56-Passenger Motor Coach Buses with plenty of options in between. Read more about each of our buses below.

56-Passenger Motor Coach Bus

If you have a large group, a long ride ahead of you, or need to impress your clients, then this is your best choice. As the name suggests, we can fit up to 56 Passengers on this bus.

Our 56-Passenger bus is the only one with overhead storage and an underneath luggage compartment.

Finally, this motor coach bus is the only one with an onboard restroom. It takes a few seats out of the vehicle but adds to your group’s comfort.


50-Passenger Motor Coach Bus

The 50-Passenger bus is our most cost-effective transportation option.
Furthermore, we can convert the rear of the bus to a luggage compartment. It removes eight chairs but gives you some flexibility for the remaining 42 people.

40-Passenger Executive Coach Bus

For your next business or special occasion events, use our 40-Passenger Executive Coach bus. Organizations use the executive coach bus for short to medium-duration trips, so luggage is not an issue. We do offer overhead storage compartments for small bags and gear.

32-Passenger Executive Coach Bus

Are you taking a local trip or tour? Maybe you need an airport transfer? Then the 32-passenger is a perfect option. We even include first-class entertainment like a flat screen to keep your group entertained.

28-Passenger Executive Mini Coach Bus

As you noticed from the name, our mini coach bus is for those looking for a smaller transportation choice. If you take a short trip or airport transfer, consider our Mini Coach Bus.

What Could Impact the Charter Bus Seating Capacity?

charter bus luggage compartment

The most significant impact on the seats is luggage. The amount of space on the bus depends on how many bags you carry.

For example, the 50-Passenger bus loses eight seats when you turn the rear of the bus into a luggage compartment. Otherwise, you need the 56-Passenger Buses.

The 56-Passenger Motor Coach bus puts people on top, and luggage goes in the lower compartment of the bus.

The three smaller buses in our fleet only have overhead luggage space.

Warning Signs that Your Charter Bus Capacity Is Unsafe

Charter bus capacity is something that we take seriously, as too many passengers on board can pose a safety threat to passengers. Be mindful of the following warning signs that your charter bus seating capacity is too high.

Exceeding the Official Seating Capacity

One of the most obvious red flags that your charter bus capacity is unsafe is exceeding the official seating capacity. Each bus is designed with specifications to comfortably and safely seat a certain number of people, so you’ll want to choose a bus that can easily hold your party.

More than One Passenger Per Seat

Warning Signs that Your Charter Bus Capacity Is Unsafe

It’s tempting to cuddle up with a family member or another loved one during the charter. This often means more than one individual per seat. Unfortunately, sitting more than one individual per seat can be dangerous.

If the bus won’t be large enough for each individual to have his or her seat, you’ll want to opt for the next size up. The last scenario you want is for the driver to unexpectedly brake and throw multiple people from their seats.

Passengers In the Aisles

The aisles on a charter bus should be used for passengers traveling to and from the bathroom or for entering and exiting the vehicle. If riders are up and walking around in the aisles or even sitting in them, this can pose a safety threat. If there is a passenger overflow in the aisles, choose a larger bus for your party.

Miscounted Passengers

Drivers should be able to easily keep track of all of the passengers on board the bus. If the driver is unable to easily and quickly scan their mirror to locate each passenger, it can result in some passengers uncounted.

Loss of Disciplinary Control

If you’re traveling with a handful of kids or younger adults, keeping the peace while on the charter is a necessary safety precaution. The driver should always be able to have full control over the individuals on board, which can be difficult if there are too many people on board at once.

How Can We Reserve a Charter Bus for Our Next Trip?

Finding the right charter bus capacity isn’t only about comfort, but it’s also about safety. The right bus will easily fit you and your other passengers, allowing for a stress-free and enjoyable charter experience for everyone involved.

Are you still figuring out how many people you can fit on your next outing? Take the guesswork out of the equation and let our experts help you decide.

Call us today at 847-260-9797 to schedule your charter bus. Make sure you have a passenger count for your group, and we’ll be happy to provide recommendations on the right charter bus capacity for you.

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