How to Get Ready for a Great Chicago Charter Bus Trip

Are you planning to go on a charter bus trip featuring a Chicago departure point? If so, you should know that having a plan in mind, which includes bringing the right stuff with you, will be the key to ensuring that every single minute of your journey is pleasant.

Today, we’d like to help by letting you know how you can make your Chicago coach bus trip the best it can be!

What Should You Bring Along?

Remember to always bring your ID along for the ride. Also, we recommend bringing some warm clothes as, sometimes, the weather will change, especially if you are on a long-distance trip or if you are traveling during the night. It’s nice to be able to put on clothing or take it off when temperature changes! It’s all about ensuring premium comfort during the entire trip. A cozy hoodie can be a good choice, as could sweatpants. Shoes that are easy to slip on and off will be great choices. If you don’t usually wear socks with your slip-on footwear, bring a pair along in case it gets chilly.

Interior 56 Passenger Motor Coach

Other things that are smart and practical for bus charter passengers to bring along include eye masks and earplugs. If you plan to sleep during your journey, these accessories will make it easier to deal with unwanted sound and light.

Earbuds for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop are another smart accessory to bring on the road. Make sure that you bring your phone charger, too. We also recommend bringing paperback novels and magazines. Reading is a great way to relax while enjoying a comfortable charter bus ride. You will be pleased to find out that Chicago Motor Coach provides TV monitors, DVD, PA system, and CD player on all of our coach buses. We also offer WiFi for an additional fee upon request.

Lastly, be sure to bring snacks and drinks that you like. While some snacks and drinks may be available on the bus, or available at stops along the way, it’s better to have what you really like on-hand in your handbag.

Trail mix, sports drinks, and energy bars are popular choices. It’s best to bring non-perishable food and drink. However, an apple or banana will be a nice, healthy choice if you plan to eat it early-on during your journey!

Book Your Trip Today

56 Passenger Motor CoachCharter buses are economical and comfortable ways to ride, so why not book your charter bus trip with Chicago Motor Coach today? Our bus rental company in Chicago offers amazing deals and a wonderful fleet of luxurious, reliable charter buses available.

Looking for a long-distance ride to neighboring states for a sporting event or concert? Chicago Motor Coach is the right place to rent your charter bus!

Don’t forget that it is always better to book your trip in advance to make sure that you have enough time for packing. We hope our list comes in handy!

Contact us today. We’ll offer you plenty of support and advice as you prepare for your charter bus journey. You can rely on Chicago Motor Coach.

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