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The next time you need to take an idyllic trip to Morton Grove with your group consider retaining Chicago Motor Coach’s services.

Our dedicated drivers drive your group around the area safely, so you reach your destination on-time and in style. That is due to the quality training program all our drivers go through before they drive our passengers.

Furthermore, we also have an assortment of amenities to make your bus rental more enjoyable. The buses can accommodate anywhere between 28 to 56 passengers per motor coach buses.

Whatever size and accommodations you need, let us know how we can help you. Contact us today to schedule your trip. Here are a few services our Morton Grove charter buses offer:

Why take a Morton Grove coach bus rental?

With over 23,000 residents, Morton Grove is the perfect spot to raise a family. It is close to the highway and has numerous schools, parks, restaurants, and shopping.

Chicago Motor Coach transports kids from the schools, park districts, and other organizations to their sporting match in Morton Grove and other local suburbs.

Often in the summer, groups go to different parks at the North Branch Trail, Miami Woods, Linne Woods, and Wayside Woods. With so many wooded areas, the kids from local schools enjoy exploring the natural beauty of Morton Grove.

Also, the Morton Grove Historical Museum offers a bike tour of the historic area of the village. Many middle and high school-aged students, who go on the tour, get a glimpse of the unique history of this charming little suburb.

Furthermore, they have quite a few softball fields that attract amateur teams from around the North and Northwest suburbs. If your club wants to travel together to your next game, tell us how we can help.

It sometimes makes the games a little better traveling together, so you can cherish the moment instead of fighting traffic to get there.

Do you need a Morton Grove charter bus?

How can Chicago Motor Coach help you with your next trip to Morton Grove? Whether you want to visit nature, bike, or play softball, we can tailor an excursion to fit your needs.

Contact us today at 847-260-9797 to schedule your Morton Grove charter bus.