While Naperville was recently ranked as the second-best city to live in in the United States, it also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Chicagoland area, and for good reason.

There are numerous tourist attractions throughout the Naperville region, giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy some of their favorite hobbies as well as unique entertainment options that are hard to find anywhere else. Naperville is also home to some of the most interesting and exciting places to eat in the Chicagoland area. Some of the restaurants in Naperville have even earned national distinctions as “must visit” locations for foodies and those serious about various types of cuisine.

Naperville is within close distance to many of the major sports venues in Chicago including those for The Bulls, Blackhawks, White Sox, Chicago Cubs, and of course, The Bears! The city is also near all the major Chicago airports.

If you’re thinking about visiting Naperville, you will want to make sure to visit all the “must-see” places. Here are a few you won’t want to skip!

The Riverwalk


A network of paths and bridges that curve along one of the biggest rivers in the Chicagoland region, the Riverwalk area is perfect for those that want to get out and stretch their legs a little bit – as well as those that want to ride their bikes, roller-skates or rollerblade, or just see some of the more scenic areas of the Chicagoland area.

The DuPage Children’s Museum

This Children’s Museum is the perfect place to bring young families, turning the children loose in a museum that excites the mind and challenges the body – a fantastic dual knockout punch for parents that have young and energetic children with seemingly endless amounts of fuel!

Naper Settlement

Naper Settlement

This historical site is located near the middle of Naperville. This original settlement encompasses 12 acres and features more than 20 different historic buildings with live costumed performers that teach visitors all about the settlement life during the 19th century.

Centennial Beach

The Centennial Beach gives you an opportunity to enjoy a bit of a rest. This man-made beach has repurposed an abandoned quarry and now holds nearly 6.2 million gallons of water. You can swim, sunbathe, or enjoy a picnic with your friends on the Centennial Beach throughout the warmer months!

The Solemn Oath Brewery

One of the best breweries in the Chicagoland region! This brewery not only has the fantastic beer that they make on-site but also offers an eclectic menu of regional food choices. If you’ve been looking for a local place to kick back and have a couple of beers while any of the great Chicago sporting events are happening, or just want to tour one of the nation’s most exciting and forward-thinking new microbreweries, this is the place to come!

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