The Best Field Trips in Chicago to Explore by Charter Bus

Deep dish pizza, hot dogs, Polish sausage, the Bean, Willis Sears Tower, Walt Disney, The World’s Fair, Jazz, Wrigley Field, the Cubs, the Bears, and the Bulls.

Ladies and gentlemen, “I give you Chicago. It is not London and Harvard. It is not Paris and buttermilk. It is American in every chitling and sparerib. It is alive from snout to tail.”

– H.L. Mencken.

A more fitting description will be very difficult to come by.

With its robust economy and its long ledger of history, Chicago has transformed into one of America’s best places to travel. It’s a burgeoning technology hub and a crucible of art and culture – it’s a smorgasbord of different possibilities.

Chicago field trip ideas

Chicago is definitely a place that any person should check out. With that in mind, a field trip to the Windy City will surely help young minds challenge their boundaries and broaden their horizons, and young-at-hearts relive their glory days.

Here are some places that you should check out.

Step off the Ledge, Willis (Sears) Tower Skydeck

What better way to kick off your boundary-challenging and horizon-widening adventure than to step on a ledge made of a sheet of glass on the 103rd floor of the historic Willis (Sears if you ask the locals) Tower.

Only a few places on earth offer a horizon wider than the Skydeck. Literally. Four states, namely Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan can be viewed from the ledge.

Heart-wrenching and adrenaline pumping for some, cathartic and zen for others, the Ledge will surely paint a mental picture that will last you a lifetime – not to mention its unlimited Instagram potential.

Art, Culture, and Architecture at Millennium Park

Chicago Millennium Park

The show doesn’t stop after taking a selfie at Cloud Gate, or “The Bean” as it’s more famously known the world over. Adding the Millenium Park Campus to your Chicago area field trip itinerary gives you walking distance access to the City’s most iconic displays of art, culture, and architecture.

You can grab the chance to take in the culture and watch live shows at the award-winning Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Merely standing at the green lawn underneath the majestic network of brushed stainless steel masterpiece might already be worth the long trip for some. Adjacent is the Harris Theater, a state-of-the-art venue for Music and Dance that is surely breathtaking.

Enjoy the picturesque scenery while walking over BP Bridge and take a deep breath of calm and zen at the stunning Lurie Garden view. Wake up the inner child in you and splash around the interactive Crown Fountain.

If that still doesn’t make Millenium Park a worthy stop in your Chicago area field trip, just walk across Monroe Street and visit the iconic Art Institute of Chicago. It’s one of the oldest and largest art museums in the country!

Just Can’t Miss Navy Pier

Already a staple in every Chicago travel guide book and Google search, Navy Pier isn’t a famous Chicago field trip stop for naught. It provides a host of venues and activities that will surely make the adventure worthwhile.

Navy Pier Chicago

If you’re working on a tight budget, there’s always something going on that won’t cost a single cent. Strolling down Navy Pier gives you a front and center view of the Chicago skyline. Being Chicago’s architectural gem, art displays and exhibitions are commonplace.

Navy Pier is also famous for its spectacular fireworks displays. Synchronized with music on lake Michigan, it is surely a showstopper. Check their calendar so you can time your trip.

Enjoy a breathtaking ride at the Centennial Wheel and the Pepsi Wave Swinger along with wall climbing activities and the famous Virtual Rush. An eye-popping virtual reality aerial travel experience taking you over Chicago’s most iconic locations.

Navy Pier is also home to a host of cultural attractions such as the legendary Chicago Shakespeare Theater, free outdoor music performances at the Miller Lite Beer Garden, and the awe-inspiring 6-story indoor botanical Crystal Gardens.

A tourist destination in and of itself, Navy Pier is sure to make your Chicago field trip one for the books.

A Blast from the Past: Field Museum

Field Museum Chicago

One of the biggest Natural history museums in the world, the Field Museum of Natural History or just Field Museum, boasts an extensive collection of scientific specimens and artifacts. One of the most Notable is Sue, The T-Rex. She stands 13 feet tall at the hip and is 40 feet long.

Shrink to 1/100th of your size and explore the magic of life underground. Meet a host of creepy crawlies, a giant mole, and a wolf spider.

Indulge your senses as you discover the origins of life as we know it in the Evolving Planet. A rich collection of video displays, fossils of land and sea creatures and an expanded dinosaur hall helps you discover 4 billion years of life on earth.

Seas the day at the Shedd Aquarium

The first inland aquarium to have a permanent saltwater fish collection, Shedd Aquarium has a massive 5 million gallon capacity holding over 32,000 animals.

Meet penguins, touch stingray, and encounter beluga in their extensive collection of aquatic wildlife. You will also get to discover the underwater world in 77 different habitats in the Ocean Gallery.

Enjoy these and a host of other displays and activities and the Shedd Aquarium.

The Perfect Chicago Field Trip Companion

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