Tips for Traveling with Kids on a Bus

Travel with kids tips

Travel is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. It is an opportunity to unplug from the gruesome and sometimes mundane grind of everyday life. Travel is also a great way to bond with family, especially the children. It’s an excellent way to expose and let them learn about the world beyond your home and neighborhood borders. They learn about different places and cultures, which can help develop their character and give them a better perspective of life and the world around us.

One of the best ways to travel with kids is on a tour bus. A tour bus can take them way beyond the confines of their immediate neighborhood, and the trips are designed so that they can zoom into and have a hands-on experience of the places that they visit.

However, traveling with children might prove to be a more challenging task than it looks like from the surface. Every video or poster ad would show you, children and parents, on all smiles while traveling. Although this may be the case for most of the trip, since traveling with kids is an enjoyable and memorable experience, any experienced parent would tell you that a lot more goes on in the background.

If you’re a parent who is still a rookie in this department, here are some travel with kids tips to make your trip more fun and remarkable.

Bring Snacks, Lots of Them

Like sweeping debris and dust under the rug, a lot of your traveling with children woes will be solved with snacks. At the sight of a child’s favorite food, many problems can be solved. Among the most common and problematic of them is boredom. Children lose interest very quickly. They may be enjoying the sights and talking to you about the trip one second and maybe squirming about in their seat and wanting to go somewhere else the next.

A good strategy is to have a variety of snacks prepped at strategic intervals during the trip. For shorter trips, you may opt to have one snack per hour. For longer trips, you might want to stretch the intervals a little bit. The snacks must be easy to prepare and pack. You would also want to avoid snacks that can quickly get messy such as those with dips and sauces. As a parent, you are expected to know your child better than anyone else. Steer clear of foods that you know will upset your child’s stomach. Another good thing about this travel hack for kids is that you can have some for yourself too.

Snacks for travelling with kids

Get Ready with Fun and Games

There’s a lot more to a bus ride game than I spy. The simplicity of which may only appeal to today’s kids for a short time before they go back to their grumpy selves and throw tantrums. Having a variety of activities and games to play with kids on a bus during the trips will dramatically reduce the chances of a tantrum.

There is a wide selection of games to play with kids on the bus both in the traditional and digital platforms. Having organic conversations and non-digital games is preferred as they create more memorable experiences, however, for longer trips, they may be a bit hard to sustain for the duration of the trip. Having movies and child-friendly tv-series pre-downloaded and ready for viewing at any time will come in handy. Make sure you view these offline as the bus route might take you through dead spots with a weaker internet connection.

Dress Comfortably

Let’s admit it, a comfortable child is a happy child. Although many parents are tempted to dress their kids up in the cutest outfits for their social media posts and save precious memories for the future, they sometimes might not be the best option for traveling with kids on a bus. Most notably on the longer trips. Sitting for long hours in the same position can quickly become uncomfortable in a poorly chosen outfit. And as parents, you know what comes after discomfort. Yes. A tantrum. Loose-fitting and casual clothes are often the best choice for children on long trips.

Children on a bus

Be Ready for a Mess

With children comes a recurrent and consistent trail of mess that you, the parent, are responsible for cleaning up. Accepting this painful fact of life can help you set yourself up correctly mentally as you embark on your travel with kids’ adventure. Acceptance also helps you to better anticipate and prepare for the mess that you are about to clean up during the trip. The right plan also will help you pre-empt and reduce the amount of chaos. Packing the stuff that will most likely be used often during the trip in places that are easily accessed will help you get ahead by a mile already. Next is making sure that snacks and drinks are in spill-proof and easy to stow away containers. Having your cleanup kit handy and easy to access will also help set you up to success. At the end of the day, you will not be able to zero out the mess that children make. Keeping it at a minimum will already do wonders for you and help you enjoy your trip better.

Chicago Motor Coach Experience

Traveling with children on a bus is definitely something to look forward to. Not only is it a fun and exciting experience, but it also helps you bond and creates memories with children that will last them a lifetime. Choosing the right partner for this adventure is vital in making sure that the trip is a success.

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