Ultimate Guide to Selecting the right Charter Bus Rentals

Finding the right charter bus rentals for your group can be challenging. Did you put together the list of what everyone needs and wants? Does it fit your budget? How does everything work together logistically?

To help you, we created the ultimate guide to selecting the right charter bus rentals for your group. Discover the steps you must take to make sure your next charter bus rental goes smooth.


Group Info

The first step in selecting the right charter bus rentals is making sure you have all the group details.

Here are a few things charter bus companies ask groups.

  • How many people on the trip?
  • What is your itinerary?
  • Why do you need the bus? (Corporate Event, School Outing, etc.)
  • Do you need economy or premier accommodations?
  • Do you have children? Any special accommodations (e.x. wheelchair access)?

What is your Budget?

Once you have the details of your group, you need a final piece of information: the budget.

Several factors affect your transportation. For example, how big of a bus do you need? The larger the group, the larger your bus. Otherwise, you could have a group of cramped and impatient people.

And if you take a long-distance trip, you might want bathroom facilities on the bus. Then you can take fewer bathroom breaks and can get to your destination faster. A charter bus with a bathroom costs more.

Finally, if you want to impress a large group of corporate customers, you might want a premium charter bus.

5 Questions to Ask Your Charter Bus Rental Company

How much experience does your charter bus rental company have?

You can go with a new business; however, you benefit from working with an experienced charter bus company. Experienced drivers and corporations know how to handle a broad array of challenges.

Are you licensed?

Does the driver own a commercial license to drive a bus? What about the permits for the business? You might want to find out about commercial insurance if an accident occurs.

How old is your charter coach?

Charter buses last a lot longer today. Yet, older buses might not make use of updated technology. And older buses have more wear and tear that could cause mechanical problems.

If the vehicle looks safe, then the age is not the final determining factor. However, ask to ensure you get a quality vehicle for your trip.

What type of Charter bus do they recommend?

Asking the charter bus rental company for their recommendation does two things. One, you rely on the bus companies experience to provide you with the best service possible. Two, you gauge their understanding of your needs to make sure they are a good fit.

If they ultimately ignored your needs, look at alternative modes of transportation.

What standards do you require of your drivers

You want vetted drivers to ensure they hold a clean driving record and background. And you want them trained to operate a commercial bus, so they can keep you safe on the road.

We hire veteran drivers who provide you with the best customer satisfaction when using our corporate charter buses.

Final Thoughts

Plan your next charter bus trip, so your next event goes off without a hitch. Use the ultimate guide to find the right charter bus rentals for your next group outing.

For further questions, please contact us at 847-260-9797. Let us know how we can help you.

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