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Did you know Schaumburg is the only suburb in the entire Chicagoland area that has a skyline? You can see the skyline while driving on I-53 near the building complexes surrounding Woodfield.

Beyond the mall, you also have millions of visitors coming to the convention center and IKEA every year. The suburban village is a destination in its own rights.

Village of Schaumburg

A Brief History of Schaumburg

The first settlers to Schaumburg were the Sauk, Fox, Potawatomi, and Kickapoo tribes. By the middle of the 19th, the first German immigrants arrived from Schaumburg county in Germany.

The settlement German settlers dominated the area until well into the 20th century. If you want to see how they lived, make sure to visit the Spring Valley Nature Center & Heritage Farm. The working farm shows kids (and adults) what it was like to live in Schaumburg at the end of the 19th century.

Schaumburg remained a relatively isolated farming village until after World War II. The automobile changed everything. When the government constructed the Northwest Tollway in 1956, fueled its growth. That same year, Schaumburg formally incorporated as a village.

Suburban sprawl dominated the city’s expansion from the seventies until the turn of the century. Development only slowed when the city ran out of room to grow.

Popular Schaumburg Attractions

Schaumburg’s most popular attractions include Woodfield Mall, IKEA, and the Convention Center. Together, these attractions drive millions of visitors to Schaumburg every year.

At the center of it all is Woodfield Mall. The nation’s 11th largest mall keeps going strong almost 50 years after its construction. With over 300 stores and 5 anchor stores, the mall continues to generate huge interest as many malls around the US fail.

On the other hand, more visitors every year also chose to visit the IKEA store. One of two IKEAS in Illinois, the store’s assortment of furniture, lamps, and other home accessories is an experience all its own.

Additionally, the city is close to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport. The proximity to the airport makes it a popular destination. People stay the night in a hotel and visit Woodfield or IKEA.

Take your next group trip to Schaumburg

While it’s not the most well-known place, you definitely need to check out Schaumburg on your next visit to Illinois. If you want to take your group on an outing to one of Schaumburg’s many attractions, then contact us today at 847-260-9797 for more information.

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