What is a coach bus?

The modern coach bus derives its name from the horse-drawn carriages and stagecoaches of yesteryear.

However, it is a far cry from the coach buses we use at Chicago Motor Coach. All our buses come with modern technology and safety features that you could only dream of a few short years ago.

what is a coach bus

How do we define a coach bus?

The difference between a coach bus and a regular bus is that the coach bus usually carries a large group of people at one time. Yet, a regular bus like the one you would take to school or in the city picks up passengers one at a time to a predetermined location.

A coach bus takes the large group to any destination they want. Often groups charter long-distance trips between cities, states, or sometimes even countries with a coach bus.

Plus, when you take a coach bus, you can work with a designated bus driver who stays with you throughout your trip.

charter bus driver

Finally, Chicago Motor Coach buses offer more than one foot of extra space than your standard Boeing 737 airplane for passengers.

What are the features and benefits of a coach bus?

#1. Bathrooms– our 56-passenger coach bus has facilities inside the vehicle for your group. It makes the trip a little more comfortable, and in turn that makes your job easier running a group trip.

#2. Audiovisual equipment– different buses in our fleet have different levels of audiovisual equipment. Depending on the coach bus you take, we have:

  • DVD players
  • Flat screen TVs
  • PA systems

#3. Wi-Fi and USB outlets– many groups ask us whether they can connect to the Internet while on the road with Chicago Motor Coach. As long as you ask for Wi-Fi (additional fee) in advance, then the answer is yes.

We also offer USB 110-volt outlets, so you can plug in your mobile devices while on the road.

#4. Interior climate controls– everyone has a different temperate they prefer. That is why we let each passenger controls their own air and heat above their seats. Our individual climate controls help every passenger enjoy the ride.

interior climate controls

#5. Luggage and storage- while luggage and storage vary based on which bus you take, we have several options. For example, all our coach buses have overhead space on the bus.

Additionally, our 50-passenger coach bus can convert the rear of the vehicle into storage as well for luggage and larger items. However, you do give up eight seats in exchange for this convenience.

Our 56-passenger bus has an underneath compartment to store all large bags.

Final Thoughts

The coach bus has come a long way since it’s inception in times of yore. We are happy to be able to use all the new technology to help you use these charter buses for your group.

Furthermore, we combine the cool features on the bus with a driver who understands how to get you safely and in style to your destination.

If you need help planning a group trip on a coach bus, call us today at 847-260-9797.

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