What is the difference between a coach bus and a bus?

The difference between coach buses and traditional buses confuse some prospects who talk to us. To help, we want to examine the difference in services, features, and benefits between the two types of buses.


Coach Bus

Usually, a group will use a coach bus to charter a larger group of people. Often this charter trip covers longer distances between cities, states, or even countries in some cases. In Europe, passengers regularly take buses from Germany to France or Italy to Austria.

Additionally, because these buses go farther, they usually make fewer stops. For example, a coach traveling between Chicago and Madison might stop once in Beloit. Conversely, a bus traveling from Lakeview to downtown Chicago might stop every quarter mile to pick up passengers.


Usually, a bus runs on a scheduled route. Think of a school or public transportation buses. They follow a schedule, so passengers know when they will arrive and where passengers can leave.

As we discussed above, buses make regular and frequent stops. A school bus should pick up all children on the route, and not just third graders.

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Coach Bus vs. Bus Features and Benefits

Coach Bus

When you take a longer ride, you want more creature comforts. These comforts are a reason why coach buses have become more popular in recent years as airplanes shrink seat space and amenities.

Coach bus rentals include:

  • bathrooms,
  • DVD players
  • reclining seats
  • individual climate controls

Often modern bus companies offer options for Wi-Fi. Passengers can keep up with the latest shows or connect with family and friends on social media and email.

Finally, a coach bus should contain compartments for luggage and storage. All Chicago Motor Coach buses have some combination of overhead storage and/or bags. Contact us if you have additional questions about storage space.

coach bus features


Since a bus is for short rides generally under an hour, you will be hard-pressed to find any conveniences beyond a clean cloth bench. When you traveled on enough buses in different cities, you realize this might be asking too much.

The good news is that rides come often, and you can get off the bus shortly.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are numerous services, features, and benefits for both types of buses. Choosing the right bus depends on which one fits your needs.

Does this answer the question on the difference between a coach bus and a regular bus? If you have additional questions you have about coach buses call us at 847-260-9797.

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