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Chicago Motor Coach, Inc. owners have over 32 years of combined experience in the charter bus industry. Leverage our experience to get to your next event. We can help you with:

Rockford Charter Bus

With a population of 152,000 people, Rockford is the third largest city in Illinois. The city offers an exciting array of things to do.

One of the things many of our groups are interested in are the Rockford casinos. We often provide Rockford charter buses back and forth to charter groups who want to try their hand at the slots and cards games.

On the other hand, if you want to check out the city’s extensive natural beauty, start with Rock Cut State Park. They have 40 miles of trails for visitors to enjoy throughout the year. The park even has some equestrian trails and fishing in the popular Lake Pierce.

School groups might want to check out the museums in the city. Kids enjoy the turn-of-the-century village. The museum highlights a time when the city of Rockford was Midway Village. They have 26 Victoria-era buildings depicting life in Northern Illinois.

Our charter buses can take you to Midway Village and drop you off, so you can transport yourself back in time.

Perhaps you want to go even further back in time? If so, check out the Burpee Museum of Natural History. The museum has a fantastic collection of exhibits like Jane the Dinosaur, Homer the Triceratops, and other dinosaur bones.

Besides for the dinosaurs, the museum also has Woolly Mammoth skeletons, Native American dwellings, and more.

The Chicago Motor Coach company has extensive experience driving groups throughout Rockford and the surrounding Winnebago county. We are on-time and provide an excellent choice for your next trip to this growing city.

Rockford coach bus rental

How can we help you with your next Rockford charter bus trip? Our state-of-the-art buses come equipped with everything you need to ride in comfort. Between our audio/video equipment, Wi-Fi (upon request), storage, and other amenities, the ride will be a smooth one for your group.

Our buses range from mini-buses for 28 people up to coach buses that fit 56 people. Choose the Rockford coach bus rental that fits best for your group.

Whatever you want to do, our courteous bus drivers are ready to take you where you need to go. Contact our Rockford charter bus company today to get the best service on your next trip to the Rockford area.

Do you need a Rockford Charter Bus?

Let us know how Chicago Motor Coach can help you with your upcoming trip to Rockford. Contact us or call us at 847-260-9797 to find out how we can help your group on their next bus outing.

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