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The charming town of Skokie receives a lot of visitors every year. If your group needs safe transportation to get to your destination we can help you.

Chicago Motor Coach has helped over 50,000 passengers get to their destination.

We do this through a commitment to safety that starts with our drivers. Each driver receives training to ensure you get the best ride possible.

Furthermore, take advantage of features like Free Wi-Fi (upon request) and USB outlets. We also provide ample luggage space and comfortable chairs, so you can enjoy the ride.

Our goal is to get your Skokie charter bus to your destination without the hassles.

Here are a few services our Skokie shuttle buses offer:

Why take a Skokie coach bus rental?

One of the oldest suburbs in the Chicagoland area. Skokie has a fascinating history for a small village with 64,270 residents. According to the Skokie Chamber of Commerce, residents speak over 77 different languages.

At one time in 1977, Skokie was one of the most well-known locations in the United States. That was when the Klu Klux Klan chose to march in this predominantly Jewish community.

To prevent incidents of hate from happening in the future, the Illinois Holocaust Museum opened in 2009. The museum exposes Chicagoland area residents to the horrors of the Holocaust. Students experience this traumatic past and discover why we must always remember.

If you want something a little less intense, you can relax at the iconic Old Orchard Mall. Built in 1956 at the height of suburban sprawl in the area, it has been a pillar of the community for generations.

Millions of visitors come every year to the mall and now developed commercial area around this shopping mecca.

Finally, you might want to stretch a bit after the mall. If so, perhaps you want to lean on the Leaning Tower of Niles. Tourists from around the world visit Niles to see the half-sized Leaning Tower replica.

Do you need a Skokie coach bus?

As you can tell, for a wee little village they sure pack a wallop of activity. If your group plans to go to Skokie in the near future, let us know how we can help.

Contact Chicago Motor Coach today at 847-260-9797, and we can plan your Skokie bus rental trip.