School Field Trip Bus Rentals: Why to Rent a Bus for School Field Trips

If you’re a Chicago-based educator and want to plan an exciting, educational, and enjoyable field trip for your students, renting a coach bus through Chicago Motor Coach is a smart idea. After all, the safety and happiness of your students will be your responsibility. Renting a bus will be easier for your students to get to their fun field trip whether it’s to a museum, art gallery or local attraction if they ride in a comfortable and safe charter bus.

School buses are ok. However, they don’t offer the same level of comfort to students. For example, they don’t have seats with plenty of legroom and other amenities that students will be able to enjoy when they ride in one of our charter motorcoaches! When you choose to hire a coach for your next field trip, you’ll reward your students and give the special event a sense of adventure. You’ll set the stage for the field trip of a lifetime!

School Field Trip Bus Rentals

Pamper Your Hard-Working Students

Kids or teens will feel pampered when they step onto one of our coach buses. They’ll feel like rock stars or pro athletes who are getting onto their very own “tour bus”.

Renting a coach bus is a nice thing to do for your hard-working students and it’s more affordable than you might expect. Our coach bus rentals are competitively-priced, so don’t assume that a coach bus is too expensive for your budget. Instead, talk to us and get a quote!

The Benefits of Renting a Bus For School Field Trips

If you’re planning a school field trip, you’re likely thinking about the possibility of renting a bus. Bus companies for school field trips offer some distinct advantages over other forms of transportation, including:

  • Improved Safety – You’ll only have to rely on the driving skills of one highly-vetted driver, rather than numerous parents or chaperones
  • Easier Coordination – Don’t waste energy worrying about getting all of your kids to the field trip location via a number of different drivers. There are too many variables to think of, including some cars getting lost or having mechanical issues.
  • More Flexibility – If the trip takes longer than planned, or if the weather turns and you need to get home quickly, you’ll be able to get home whenever you need.
  • Comfort – Keeping your kids happier and more comfortable can alter and improve the entire tone of your trip.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Don’t clog up the roads with multiple vehicles. With one bus rental, you’ll reduce emissions and keep the road free from extra cars.
  • Faster Travel Times – Take advantage of HOV lanes and minimize time stuck in traffic.
  • Faster Travel Times – Take advantage of HOV lanes and minimize time stuck in traffic.

Why Chicago Motor Coach is an Ideal Choice For Your School Field Trips

The difference between renting one of our coach buses for school trips over a traditional school bus is significant. With our charter buses for field trips, you’ll get:

  • Flexibility – We have buses that fit anywhere from 28-56, so no matter how large your field trip we’ll have the right bus for you.
  • Climate Control – Keep your students comfortable with our climate-controlled cabins
  • Safety – Our field trip buses feature individual seats, seatbelts, and first-class drivers with impeccable safety records.
  • DVD and CD players – Engage your students with an educational video about the location you’re going to visit or play music to set the tone for your trip. Our buses become part of the experience itself.
  • Improved Comfort – Your kids will truly appreciate the plush seating and legroom on our well-maintained charter buses, especially on long trips. As a teacher, you know that keeping your kids in a good mood is the key to a successful field trip!
  • A Safe Place for Announcements – Complete with a great PA system, you can use the bus as a safe environment to make announcements to your students before the trip, rather than having to worry about them wandering off.
  • Security and Reliability – The last thing you need to worry about on your trip is a vehicle breaking down. With Chicago Motor Coaches, you’ll have a high-end bus extensively tested and perfectly maintained.

Our Coaches are Immaculate and So Comfy

Our Coaches are Immaculate and So Comfy

We have some wonderful coach buses in our fleet. One them will be the perfect size for your class. Our bus fleet consists of 56, 50, 40, 32 and 28 passenger buses, so you can choose the one that suits your needs. These motorcoaches come with a host of amenities.  All of the buses are equipped with TV monitors, a DVD player, a PA system, and a CD player. We also offer WiFi upon request. Contact us for a personalized quote and let us take care of your trip.

Our drivers have been selected for their outstanding driving records and great customer service skills. It means that you don’t need to worry about the student as they will reach all the planned destinations safe and sound!

Frequently Asked Questions about Bus Rentals for School Trips

How to choose a bus for your group?

We have the perfect size bus for your trip, no matter how big or small your group. Simply take a look at the various bus sizes in our fleet to find the perfect one for your trip size. We suggest allowing for a little extra room for added comfort. If you need to bring a lot of supplies or luggage with you as well, make sure you factor that into your choice. If you have a much longer trip or have an overnight where your students will all be bringing their own bags, we recommend choosing our 56 passenger motor bus coach, which includes an on-board restroom and a large underneath luggage compartment.

Are seat belts required?

We value your students’ safety and do require that seat belts are used. Every one of our motor coaches is equipped with plush seating and secure seatbelts for the optimal blend of comfort and safety.

Book your trip today

Now that we’ve shared some great reasons why you should rent a charter bus with Chicago Motor Coach for your next school field trip, contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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