Best Ideas for Snacks for Long Bus Trips

Planning to go on a long bus trip? Some of the things that you’re probably preparing right now: your road trip playlist, your neck pillow, your portable power supply, and probably some movies or games you’re going to play on the bus. Did we get it?

We’re sure when planning for a long bus trip, you’re also planning for comfort. But almost all the excruciating moments people had on a bus involved food in some way. Either they ate something (and their stomach hated them for it) or they packed way too light (and their stomach still hated them for it – just in a different way).

Snacks on a bus

So here’s what you should do: you should plan your snacks for long bus trips. This is to make sure that your trip is as pleasurable as it can get. Or if you’re a glass-half-empty kind of guy, your long bus trip won’t be more excruciating than it already is. Here are some of the worst and the best snack ideas you can bring on your next long bus trip.

However, there are still some general rules to follow on what to eat and not to eat while you are on a bus for several hours. First, here are NOT the best snack ideas.

Worst Snack Ideas

When going on a long bus trip, there are some snacks that you definitely shouldn’t bring with you. Here are some basic rules for bus trip snacks you should avoid:

1. Never pack snacks that can easily go bad. Any highly-perishable food will require refrigeration just so they can stay fresh (or edible). This means food like milk, hot meat, mayo, or any other food that will require refrigeration are a big no-no for long bus trips.

Unless you’re fine with eating spoiled food, then it would be better to leave your perishable food in your fridge at home.

2. Avoid packing snacks that can’t be eaten with just your fingers. A snack that requires a fork, a knife, and a table isn’t a snack – it’s a meal. And remember: it’s a bus ride, not a date.

3. Don’t pack food that needs preparation. If you’re planning on packing a sandwich, prepare it at home. A bus ride with food that requires complex assembly is just a recipe for disaster – for you and the bus.

Easiest Snacks to Pack

For maximum comfort on your trip, here are the easiest snacks you can pack on your long bus trip:

  • Bite-size muffins. Muffins are always available in every nearby bakery or grocery store. Go to your nearest bakery and pop some into your bag.
  • Granola bars. Flavorful and crunchy snacks that can be easily stored in your bag or even in your pockets. Just pop 2 or 3 of these in your pockets in your bag for a quick energy fix while on the road.
  • Crackers/saltines. Honestly, what can go wrong with crackers? They’re everybody’s go-to snack.
  • Mixed cereals. Put different kinds of cereals available in your pantry to a Ziploc type bag and you will have a snack to munch on your long bus ride.
  • Water bottle. Don’t forget to bring your own water bottle. No one likes to be dehydrated during long trips.

Healthy Snacks for Long Bus Trips

Do you prefer snacks that are filling but aren’t too fattening? Here are some healthy snack ideas you can try:

  • Raw vegetables. Baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and celery are nutritious, portable, and readily available. They last for several hours even at room temperature – and they’re good for your health too!
  • Mixed nuts. Nuts are rich in fiber, healthy fats, and protein – the perfect healthy snack for your trip. They taste great even when unsalted. Just remember to get the unshelled king – you wouldn’t want to make a mess on the bus.
  • Homemade chips. If you’re not a fan of those greasy chips with loads of calories, you’re not alone. You can try baked potato chips, carrot chips, sweet potato, zucchini, or even those made from taro. Just store them in an airtight container or a Ziploc to make them last longer.
  • Pitted and peeled fruits. Nutritious and vitamin-rich Clementine and apples are some of the best fruits for your snacks. They don’t easily get smashed and can be stored easily.

Best Kiddie Snacks for Long Bus Trips

Ideas for snacks for a bus trips

Bringing along kids on a long bus trip is one thing. But hungry kids on a long bus trip will certainly be a nightmare for everyone on board. So here are some nice kiddie snacks that you definitely should bring with you.

  • Snack box. In an organizer, you can put different kinds of crackers, fruits, and bite-size cookies. This is a box that will not only make your kids full but also entertained with different food.
  • Juice box. Easy to bring and a no-mess snack. They’re best for kids of all ages and sizes. But choose a healthy drink so they stay healthy and hydrated.
  • Homemade strawberry strips. Strawberry strips are quite the treat and are sure to have your kids in pure sweet delight. It’s a perfectly healthy treat for your kids so they forget about the long hours of sitting they have to do on the bus. We found a perfect recipe for the strips here if you want to check it out.
  • Dried fruits. With dried fruit, you can get all the benefits of fruit without the waste and the hassle to prepare.

Charter Buses for Better Bus Trips

These are our picks for the best (and worst) snacks to bring on your next bus trip. Remember: snacks are very important to make sure that you travel comfortably.

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