Going on a Long Bus Trip? Here’s What to Expect

The prospect of going on a long bus trip may be exciting for some. Some enjoy planning and organizing the trip while others enjoy prolonged periods of time on the road and the sights they can enjoy along the way.

But for others who prefer the destination than the journey, the thought of going on a long bus trip can be tiring itself. And if it’s something you haven’t experienced even once in your life, you wouldn’t know what to expect.

That is a plight shared by many, including us. So we put together a few things you can expect on a long bus trip and what you can do to prepare to make the trip more enjoyable for you and your group.

It’ll Feel Like an Eternity

What could be more exhausting than having to sit still for hours on end? Having to sit still inside a moving vehicle, of course. You just have to sit there on your seat with little room to stretch and move around. Just a few hours of this feels like an eternity with no end in sight, which could leave you wondering: “Are we there yet?”

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Before your bus ride, it helps to set your expectations accordingly. Mental preparation is one of the best ways to prepare for a long bus trip. This includes estimating the entire distance you will cover and the amount of time it’ll take to reach your destination. Of course, you might end up going through some traffic if your route takes you through major cities, so you can prepare for that, as well.

Charge Up

Make sure all of your devices (phone, iPad, MP3 player, etc.) are all charged up so you have ways to distract yourself while on the trip. Most charter buses will also have their own WiFi so you have ways to connect to the Internet.

Bring Lots of Entertainment

While on long bus trips, the more ways to distract yourself, the better. When you get bored of browsing your phone or you’re done with your road trip playlist and there’s still a ways to go, it’s good to know you have other ways to have fun. Our suggestion: a pack of cards so you and your group can play a game of Gin Rummy or Go Fish.

It Might Get Uncomfortable

Since you’re forced to stay on your seat with little leg room for stretching and moving around, you can expect to feel a little uncomfortable. It could be the way you sit, where you’re seated, or the temperature’s just not right. Whatever it is, it helps to be prepared.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Since you’re in for a long, long trip, make sure you’re comfortable with the clothes that you’ll be wearing. If you know you can get uncomfortable with tight jeans or a certain material that’s not breathable, try wearing something looser or a material that lets you breathe. While you can also wear something trendy (if that’s what floats your boat), remember that you’ll be stuck inside a moving vehicle for a long, long time. So it would help to wear something you know you won’t want to take off a few miles down the road.

Bring a Pillow and a Blanket

Of course, one of the best ways to kill time while on the road is to sleep. That might take off a few hours of being bored. And what better way to feel more comfortable than to have your own blanket and pillow? Having a pillow during the trip gives you something comfortable in which you can rest your head. A blanket keeps you warm and fuzzy when it gets too chilly.

You Will Feel Hungry, Inevitably

Of course, you’re going to feel hungry. While you won’t be moving a lot (your body, that is), you will feel the urge to eat after a few hours of sitting down or socializing with your group. And at some point, it will feel excruciating since there won’t be any restaurants or diners for long stretches down the road. And the worst part is having to manage between filling up and not eating too much so you won’t feel the urge to go to the bathroom. So what do you do?

Bring Lots of Snacks

One of the best ways to go about it is to bring plenty of light snacks that won’t really fill you up but would be just enough to fill your urge to eat. A power bar is one of the best snacks you can bring since it narrowly fills the void of hunger and will get you through until the next stop. But if you really want something to munch on, bring lots of light chips. But nothing too salty. Salty snacks make you want to drink a lot of water, which will leave you wanting to pee – and you wouldn’t want that. Speaking of the urge to pee…

Pack an Energy Drink

An energy drink is one of the best ways to quench your thirst on a long bus trip. It’s filled with plenty of electrolytes that rehydrate the body, providing you relief whenever you feel thirsty. This means you won’t need to drink a lot, which won’t fill your bladder. If you have a tiny bladder, then you better pack an energy drink. Otherwise, you’re going to need an empty bottle to… never mind.

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