Top 10 Best Baseball Stadiums in Chicago

top 10 best baseball stadiums chicago

Baseball is the supreme home-sport in America, dating back as far as the 19th century. Ballparks have become major tourist destinations, and regular go to’s for baseball fanatics because of their deep-rooted connection to American Culture.

Each ballpark exhibits its own unique trademark, and selecting the best can be quite subjective as preferences can be as diverse as when you are a spectator, or you are someone playing on the field.

Stadiums in Chicago are no different, with each offering a unique experience for sports fans. In this article, we give you a list of the best baseball stadiums in Chicago based on player advantage, spectator experience, and historical significance. If you haven’t already visited these Chicago baseball fields, be sure to add them to your list.

#10. Columbus Baseball Park

The first Chicago baseball stadium we want to highlight is Columbus Baseball Park located on the West Side of the city in the Austin neighborhood. Proclaimed as a National Historical Landmark in 2003, the 135-acre park was initially conceptualized by then world-renowned landscape architect Jen Jensen between the years 1915 to 1920. Columbus Park was even named as one of the Illinois 200 Great Places in 2018.

This particular baseball diamond is overlaid with artificial turf and the outfield fence extends up to 300 feet. The turf makes it a popular destination year-round, providing the perfect opportunity for residents to enjoy their time at the park year-round.

#9. Stadium at Devon and Kedzie

Built in 1938, the former two-field Thillens Stadiums was once a notable landmark because of the huge, rotating, baseball on a pole that attracted baseball fans from the city and beyond. It has been a witness to numerous traditions that have shaped the once quaint town through its size, comparable to a major league baseball stadium.

Today, this baseball field in Chicago hosts youth baseball and softball leagues, giving the younger generation an opportunity to play on a field with a rich tradition. You can also organize events that could seat up to 2,400 people and take part in the community’s nostalgic appreciation of the once glorious Stadium at Devon and Kedzie.

#8. Les Miller Field

Eighth on our list is quite a young stadium (less than 30 years since its first game) but already has major historic occasions on record. Les Miller Field, inside Curtis Granderson Stadium, has hosted the Horizon League Baseball Tournament five (5) times between 1998 to 2012. The field is made of synthetic turf complete with an electronic scoreboard and a padded outfield wall.

The distances of the outfield fences from the home plate are 320 feet (left fence), 370 feet (left-center fence), 396 feet (center fence), 370 feet (right-center fence) and 324 feet (right fence). The stadium could fit about 1,784 spectators with a luxury suite that can accommodate 40 people. Les Miller Field is considered one of the high-flying college baseball fields In Illinois and we heard that they’re still upgrading to more facilities!

#7. Clark (Richard) Kerry Wood Cubs Field

Located within the 22.42-acre Richard Clark Park along the east bank of the Chicago River, the Clark Kerry Wood Cubs Field is commonly used for inter-high school baseball tournaments in Chicago. The field is named after all-star Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood and it can accommodate up to 1,250 spectators with various recreational options around the park including bike trails, soccer fields, and a boathouse.

Nearby public high schools use this baseball stadium in Chicago both during and after-school hours. Recreational leagues and the general public also get use out of this robust and impressive facility.

#6. Ping Tom Baseball Field

If you’re looking for a picturesque Chicago baseball stadium with unmatched city views in the background, Ping Tom Baseball Field is it. Built around Chinese landscape design components, Ping Tom Park in Chinatown was once a railroad yard converted into a 17.44-acre green urban park.

Today, this hidden jewel is home to the Chicago Rattlers Baseball Program for little baseball protégés who have big dreams ahead of them. It has also become a favorite for residents in South Loop, east Pilsen and, Chinatown. It is located near the river where you can easily hop on a boat going to Guaranteed Rate Field.

#5. Garfield Park Baseball Fields

Yes, fields with an ‘s’. Multiple baseball diamonds exist within the 184-acre Garfield Park, home of the non-profit Garfield Park Little League. This urban park is one of Chicago’s most well-known multi-facility parks complete with a playground, lagoon, jogging and biking trails, fitness center, as well as one of the largest greenhouse conservatories in the United States. This is recreation at its best.

This wasn’t always one of the city’s best baseball parks, however. In 2018, the Cubs Charities Diamond Project invested in revamping the baseball fields, partnering with the Chicago Park District to complete the task.

#4. Little Cubs Field

Built in 2008, the establishment of the Little Cubs Field spawned from a heart-warming story of fulfilling dreams. It was constructed as a replica of Wrigley Field complete with ivy-on-brick walls and extends to a center outfield wall that is 122 feet from the home plate.

The park is open to the public at free admission everyday (except when the stadium is fully reserved), offers free use of equipment (bats and balls), and includes picnic pavilions for the family. You can even grill on designated areas provided that you bring your own grilling materials! Little Cubs Field is one of the most unique little league baseball fields in the world.

#3. Impact Field

Impact Field is the newest, yet one of the most interesting, baseball fields on our list. The 6,300 seater stadium opened to the public in 2018 and serves as home to the Chicago Dogs. Impact Field is what you would expect of a modern baseball establishment complete with a 360-degree concourse where visitors can experience different vantage points around the stadium.

It houses six (6) spacious party decks that feature distinct vibes and souvenir shops with neatly-designed Chicago Dogs merchandise. The outfield walls are positioned at a distance of 312 feet, 350 feet, 390 feet, 370 feet, and 293 feet from left to right. This is surely a haven for both players and spectators.

#2. Wrigley Field

Built in 1914, Wrigley Field has been a recipient of numerous distinctions. Apart from being the last Federal League Ballpark standing, it is known as the “windiest” stadium in MLB. It has hosted seven (7) World Series between 1918 to 2016 and seats around 41,100 people.

Wrigley Field is the biggest baseball stadium in Chicago and it features a manually-operated scoreboard even up to the present, amidst their installment of an HD video board. A special trademark of the park is its ivy-covered outfield walls that wilt and grow more or less simultaneously with the MLB Seasons. No wonder why Wrigley Field is a top tourist destination in Chicago.

#1. Guaranteed Rate Field

The most recommended baseball stadium on our record deserves the top spot because of its complete mix of history, ideal field specifications for pro-baseball, and absolute spectator experience. Guaranteed Rate Field is the home of three-time World Title holder, the Chicago White Sox.

It was established in 1991 after multiple relocations that started at an 1893 World’s Fair Cricket playing field. The distances of outfield walls from the home plate are 330 feet (left wall), 377 feet (left-center wall), 400 feet (center wall), 372 feet (right-center wall), and 335 feet (right wall). The 40,615-seater stadium is complete with a social area for drinks (Goose Island) and a kid’s zone featuring batting and pitching cages.

As one of the best baseball complexes in the United States, this destination is your ultimate baseball tour experience!

Get Out & Explore These Great Baseball Stadiums!

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