Rent a bus for a day

Whatever the occasion, Chicago Motor Coach has the transportation to get you there. Whether you need to rent a bus for a day, weekend, or week, we provide you with the travel options you want.

We help a wide variety of groups decide on the best choice for them based on the size of our fleet. From small to large groups, and every kind of school, corporate, senior, sporting, and private group imaginable, we got you covered.

Below we explore different aspects of your trip to help you determine whether renting a bus for a day, weekend, or week.

rent a bus for a day

5 Different Group Who Need Charter Buses

#1. Does your school take one-day bus trips?

From field trips to sporting matches (see below) to all other types of activities, schools need charter buses for a variety of reasons. If your school requires a charter bus, let us know how we can help.

For example, we often take high school groups from the Northwest suburbs on our 40-passenger motor coaches (you can fit an entire classroom) into the city to see concerts at the Chicago Opera or Second City or museums like the Field or Adler Planetarium.

At Chicago Motor Coach, we only hire trained professionals. Our drivers passed their background checks and training before they drive your kids to their next destination.

take a bus on a school field trip

#2. Senior Groups love our day bus trips

Schools often rely upon charter buses to help underage kids who do not have a license to drive to school-sponsored events. Similarly, seniors often do not have licenses anymore and still want to get out to different events.

That is why we offer services for senior groups. From senior outings to the park, casino, and sports events to longer-trips, we help seniors stay active.

Many of our senior groups enjoy regular trips to the Des Plaines and Elgin Casinos.

senior groups bus trip

#3. Sporting groups use our motor coaches to get to their next game

Does your team attend any weekend tournaments throughout the season? What better way to ride in style than renting a coach for a day. Our 56-passenger motor coach are big enough to fit an entire football team.

That is why we often help high schools and college with their team sports, or just a group of your friends looking to go to the Bears game. We have done both in the past and can help you get to your game on-time.

One of our favorite is working with high school and local colleges going to tournaments. The air of excitement is contagious as we take a team to their sectional, semi-final, or finals match.

#4. Mini Bus for Corporate VIPs

Do you want to impress some VIP’s who need to get around the Chicagoland area? Consider our 32-Passenger Executive Coach bus for day trips. It is an intimate way to connect with other executives.

Whether you rent a shuttle bus for a day or week, we make sure your VIP’s get to their destination safely and on-time.

mini bus for corporate vips

#5. Do you need an Airport shuttle bus?

Does your group have an event or conference coming up with a lot of out of town guests? You can impress them by renting a bus for the day to shuttle visiting guests between the airport and the conference center or hotel.

What type of bus do you need to rent a bus for a day, weekend, or week

56-Passenger Motor Coach Bus

For those looking to rent a bus for a week, you should opt for restroom facilities. Our 56-Passenger Motor Coach features entertainment systems, a restroom, 110 Volt outlets with USB’s, PA system, Wi-Fi (upon request), and storage.

Our 56-Passenger motor coach is the premium bus for customers who need a higher quality experience on a long trip.

50-Passenger Motor Coach Bus

Are you part of a large group that needs to rent a charter bus for a short trip? Then consider the 50-Passenger Motor Coach Buses. They come with TV’s, individual climate controls, overhead storage, PA systems, and Wi-Fi (upon request).  

40-Passenger Executive Coach Bus

Are you looking to impress your guests? Then the full-leather interior Executive Coach Bus is the best option. The bus has TV monitors for entertainment, individual climate controls, overhead storage, and PA systems.  

32-Passenger Executive Coach Bus

Do you have a mid-sized group that needs to rent a bus for a weekend? Then the 32-Passenger Executive Coach can help you get there in luxury. The reclining leather seats, individual climate controls, and overhead storage offer everything a smaller group needs to get to their destination safely and in style.

28-Passenger Minibus

For those with a small group, consider the 28-Passenger Minibus. It is excellent for small groups who have short trips.

Where do you want to go?

Your destination plays a significant role in whether you want to rent a bus for a weekend, week, or day.

Local Destination

Do you need a shuttle to drive you between destinations? Depending on the distance and time factor, you might need to rent a bus for a day.

Our team reviews every aspect of your trip, so we know the best way to help your group. We help everyone from corporate executives to school groups going to a sporting event.

Short to medium excursions often have fewer requirement than if you were to rent a bus for a week. The smaller time frame allows us to help you save money on your transportation.  

However, money is not our only concern. We want to make sure you get there and back to your destination safely and in style. That is why we perform background checks and train on all our drivers to get you the service you deserve.

Millennium park bean

Out-of-State Destination

On the contrary, if you are traveling to another state, you need to focus on a different set of circumstances. Usually, you will rent a charter bus for a weekend or week.

Because you spend more time on an interstate bus than a local trip, focus on comfort more than the short trip. To help you get through the trip, you have plenty of amenities like flat-screen televisions and state-of-the-art sound systems.

coach bus features

The Chicago Motor Coach Advantage

Why do organizations choose Chicago Motor Coach for their outings? We provide the following on every trip.

Eco-friendly– Did you know each bus takes as many as 55 cars off the road? The reduction in congestion and fuel savings makes them a significant component to reducing emissions. We get the best buses in the business because we want to do our part to save the environment.

Safety– Our fleet gets regular maintenance to ensure you use the best buses (and drivers) to keep you safe en route to your destination. We have a 5-star safety rating because we are careful driving our passengers to their destination.

Highly Trained Drivers– All drivers must have a clean driving record and background before starting at Chicago Motor Coach. Once they start, we provide strenuous training, so we know they are ready for the position.

Let us know if you need to rent a bus for a day, weekend, or week trip?

Do you need to rent a bus for a day, weekend, or week trip? Tell us how we can help!


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