Renting a Charter Bus for Sports Events

You may be reading this as an athlete who is about to play into a championship game. Perhaps, you are a cheerleader rooting for your favorite team. Either way, when going to that match of a lifetime, you may need to travel as a group, and in the most relaxed manner possible. Comfort is a must.

One of the best options for group travel, especially for athletic teams and cheering squads, is to use bus travels for sports events. Renting a bus could give you the proper chill feeling when you and your team are on the road. What’s more, you can strengthen your group bonding along the way.

Renting a Charter Bus for Sports Events

Tips When Renting a Charter Bus

Going on a bus trip doesn’t mean that it is immediately about having a fun ride. As potential customers of charter bus trips, you will need to sort out the details of your group, your comforts and needs, and your own budget. Here are other tips on how to make your bus ride as smooth-sailing as you can:

The Need to Have Chaperones

Even the best-mannered sports enthusiasts can give adults headaches. Make sure you have enough chaperones to watch active youngsters, especially when arriving in strange surroundings. Chaperones can either be parents, older siblings, teachers, school officials, or anyone old enough to be trusted and responsible. An adult must be present for every four students, especially if they are less than 12 years old. For older kids, one chaperone for every six is needed.

Bus Service Amenities

With our charter bus travels, all team members and their cheerleaders can arrive together. No more nervous hoping that your ace player’s parents and supporters can arrive at the venue on time. You can use the extra travel time to review plays, rules, or simply pump up the players’ spirits.

Your preferred charter bus rentals should include the services of professional coach operators. With that in mind, you no longer have to worry about questionable directions or routing issues. Charter buses are also equipped with amenities that make it a whole lot easier for chaperones escorting younger players and their respective parents. Compact restrooms, DVD/TV combinations, reclining seats, and built-in speaker systems are some of the more popular features for the sports teams while they’re on the road. Of course, you can check the Wi-Fi connectivity on the bus if it suits your needs.

Tips When Renting a Charter Bus

Check Storage Space

Having a charter bus with adequate storage space is definitely important for you. You may have to check for overhead bins so you place smaller bags on top. For larger stroller bags or other sports equipment, some charter buses can offer luggage bays. It pays to have more open and efficient space, so you could wiggle your legs during the long travels.

Permission for Food and Beverages

Charter buses often allow outside food and drinks. However, it is best if you verify the official bus policies so there wouldn’t be much trouble for you. For sports teams looking for bus rentals, it is inevitable that there would be much eating and drinking to gain more energy for the games ahead. As such, maintain cleanliness at all times, lest you get marked for cleaning fees.

Stay in Touch with One Another

Make it sure that every traveler has the organizer’s cell phone number. This is necessary so that all accompanying members are accounted for during the whole trip. Have everyone trade phone numbers with at least two other travelers, if not all travelers just to play it safe. You may choose to bring walkie-talkies for attending chaperones in case of emergencies, and if cellular services are unavailable or lacking in signals.

Prepare In Case of Disaster

A more careful planning and constant vigilance can remarkably reduce the likelihood of accidents. However, it’s best to be prepared in case an issue occurs. A list of up-to-date and recent medical information on every traveler is advised. Include things like medications they take, recent surgeries, or chronic medical issues. Digital files and other mobile tools are easier to carry and access, especially with the technology today.

Make sure to bring at least one fully stocked first aid kit in case of unexpected injuries. Everyone can pack snacks and beverages for the road just in case you get hungry. If your party becomes trapped during travel, the provisions can make long waits for help a lot more comfortable.

Charter Bus for Sports Events at Chicago Motor Coach

Charter Bus for Sports Events at Chicago Motor Coach

Here in Chicago Motor Coach, we provide our customers with the best options to safely transport a sports team from Point A to Point B. Our buses can hold up to almost 60 passengers, which is perfect for every sports team that seeks a comfortable option for travel to their matches. What’s great is that it is not just the athletes that we consider, but their respective fans as well. We provide safe bus trips to sporting events. As such, we make sure that everyone, from the star player down to the loudest cheerer, is fresh for the games ahead.

As the premier sports team bus rental company, we help cultivate a sense of camaraderie and high team spirit for every athletic team in our service. Every member gets to bond together and focuses on reviewing their winning tactics and strategies. This is due to the professionalism of our drivers with outstanding records and excellent customer service skills. These help sports teams concentrate on what they do best. Furthermore, our buses are equipped with Wi-Fi, so the athletes can stay as relaxed as they can.

Lastly, our charter bus rentals can amplify the fun being experienced by our customers. Incentives can be provided for employees being given tickets to the star-studded game by their respective employers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are part of a champion’s league, a cheering crew, or a spectator with exclusive access; Chicago Motor Coach provides you the best charter bus experience. As a testament to our top-notch services, we have served with excellence and pleasure during the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2019 here in Chicago.

For more inquiries, please contact us at (847) 260-9797 so we can assist you.

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