Charter Bus Trips? Here are Some Events You May Need Them For

Traveling is now an essential part of living, and there are plenty of ways to achieve it. Some go solo tripping to different parts of the world. Some go beach hopping with friends almost every month. Some go on road trips to different cities and have fun in festivals. Wherever it is, no one can deny how traveling has become important in one’s life.

One of the many ways that people travel these days is through chartered bus trips.
Charter Bus Trips

How are Charter Buses Different?

This is the go-to travel buddy of people who are in big groups. Not to be mistaken with a minibus or a party bus though. The main difference being their seating capacity and when they are best used.

Mini Buses are good for a maximum of 35 people or fewer, depending on the setup. Party buses also accommodate a maximum of 35 people. The difference between the two is the seating arrangement. Mini Buses take the traditional bus seating arrangement, which is usually in rows. On the other hand, party buses have the seats arranged around the edges. This leaves a space in the center of the bus, were set up for the party is placed. This space is also where bus party goers enjoy the games or dancing.

Now, what sets a charter bus apart, you ask?

It is much bigger than the previously mentioned types of buses. Which, by the way, are all available to rent in any charter bus company. A charter bus can accommodate more than 35 people. Aside from being able to carry more people, it also has more amenities. Usually, a bus would have good restrooms and more space for luggage.

Why Choose Charter Bus Trips?

There are a lot of reasons why people choose charter buses over other kinds of bus. Here are a few reasons you can also consider if you are planning to rent one:


Reclining seats, clean restrooms, spacious luggage areas, are some of the comforts a charter bus offers. You can also opt to have tinted windows and an audio or video system. The comfort all depends on what you need to achieve it and enjoy your trip. These things are not offered by regular bus trips, at all. Truly comfortable and perfect for the modern traveler.


The most convenient thing about a charter bus is that you leave the driving to professionals. All you have to do is enjoy the trip with your friends or family. You can play games, watch movies, party, and do a lot of fun activities even during the trip. At this time and age, the journey is just as important as the destination. Plus, charter buses are beautiful inside and outside, making the trip more enjoyable for everyone.

When should you opt for charter bus trips?

Of course, it is not always the best option to use a charter bus for your trips. Below are some of the best kinds of events that call for charter bus rental.

School events

School initiated events are often done in big groups, making charter bus usage the perfect option. Plus, you have children/minors onboard, making it necessary to hire professional drivers. Just make sure that you rent a charter bus for a school event from a trustworthy company. They have screened drivers and their buses are always on top shape.

Concert events

If you plan to go to concert events in large groups, a charter bus is a perfect choice. With a charter bus, you can enjoy a pre-concert setup while traveling. With the amenities available, you can watch videos with full blast audio and enjoy the trip to the concerts you want to go to.

Private events

This is especially necessary for those who do not like to travel with strangers. When you have important or private matters to go to, charter buses are perfect for you. This could also be applicable for private business trips. Regardless of reason, charter buses are perfect when you want to keep your trips discreet.

Wedding Transportation

Aside from traveling, weddings have also been evolving over the years. Some weddings take place in a very secret or private place and would need proper transportation. For this, a great charter bus that can accommodate a large party is just perfect. Also, we only wish for weddings to be perfect and happy. We cannot have that with cramped buses. Let’s keep the bride and the entourage happy. Let’s opt for a charter bus during your wedding travel needs.

Apart from the wedding day events, this is also perfect for pre-wedding events. This includes bridal showers or bachelor parties. With a charter bus experience, it would be more memorable for the bride and groom.

Sporting events

Sporting events, like school events, come in large groups too. What better way to form camaraderie among your teammates than to travel together? Of course, comfort is necessary as you don’t want athletes suffering sore muscles from cramped spaces. Hence, renting a charter bus for a sporting event is the perfect solution to this. It provides the right space for everyone to relax before the big game.

Charter bus rentals in Chicago

It is now obvious that charter buses are indeed handy for travelers in big groups. While it might seem intimidating at first, fret not. It looks like an expensive ordeal but you can be sure to win.

With the right charter bus company, you will always have the best price and bus that fits your needs.

We are Chicago Motor Coach, Inc., one of the most referred Bus Rental Companies located in Elk Grove Village, IL. We cater to all kinds of events mentioned above, and so much more.

If you are planning to rent a charter bus for a trip around the Chicagoland area, give us a call at 847-565-2326.

Feel free to contact us for further questions and let us know how we can help you.

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