How Employee Shuttle Buses Can Help Your Business?

Getting to work on time and without any trouble is a pretty hard task nowadays. With immense traffic in big cities, and taking all of the COVID-19 precautions in mind, both personal and public means of transportation are not that great anymore. This is why many modern companies choose to hire a shuttle company to drive their employees by bus.

This is a great solution not only as a response to the changes the pandemic
has brought in our lives, but also to simply save everybody time. There are even more benefits to shuttle buses than just this, and we’ll gladly tell you more about them in this article.

Shuttle Buses

No More Need for Public Transportation

As we mentioned earlier, both subway and public buses bring a great risk of contracting COVID-19, not to mention any other infectious illness commonly transmitted in dense and crowded environments. This is where staff shuttle service comes in as a complete game-changer.

Your employees won’t have to deal with all of the hardships of public transportation anymore. With a crowded rush hour and all of the potentially unpleasant encounters left behind, the amount of pre-work stress is greatly reduced. Your employees will get to work in a comfortable seat, enjoying the views of the city and chatting with their colleagues.

Less Traffic on the Roads

It’s a common problem for every one of us: constant traffic on the roads takes way too much of our time. Since there is no more lockdown and life seems to be slowly returning to the way it was pre-pandemic, crowded roads have us all looking for a solution.

Here it is! Another feature of the bus transport business that can benefit everyone is a noticeable reduction of road traffic. As there are fewer vehicles on the road to clog up the commute, everyone will get to their destination much faster and with less of a headache.

Easier Traveling Between Company Buildings

Does your business have multiple facilities or offices? For your employees, the constant traveling from one place to another using personal or public transport can be a tedious task. We know getting your staff from one place to another in a quick and organized manner can be a difficult task to tackle.

These logistics can be complex and always require a lot of planning, but some of these challenges can be eliminated simply by hiring a shuttle bus company. This way, your employees can just sit down and relax, while a professional driver gets everyone to their destination on time.

Traveling Between Company Buildings

Shuttle Bus Cuts Your Taxes

Providing your employees the means of transportation or covering their expenses on gas can take a great deal of money from your company’s budget. While buses are incredibly affordable and obviously decrease costs on commuting, there is more to it than just that.

Getting a shuttle bus for your employees will actually decrease the tax rate in some of the parts of the country. Combined with an overall cost decrease, this will make a huge difference in your company’s expenses, especially if your business is small or newly started.

Better Employee Productivity

Your employees have different views on the world: some of them prefer to keep their professional and personal lives separated, while the others don’t mind a little overlap. The shuttle bus can actually do a favor to both: giving a sensible end of the work experience for the former and having a casual and relaxed time with coworkers for the latter.

As for the overall experience, having your employer hire a shuttle bus to get you to work and back home can make your employees feel taken care of.

You Can Attract New Employees

Any HR or a business owner can agree: having these small perks can make a big difference on whether future employees take the job and their attitude when they do. A bus shuttle to work is a very enticing perk and having it on the list of your company benefits will make your hiring process much simpler.

If your future employee won’t have to deal with the hardships of getting to work by himself, this will make the job position you offer much more attractive in their eyes.

Shuttle Bus Helps Save the Environment

With the current ecological situation looking grim, we tend to look for ways to make things better for Mother Earth. While we are not quite there yet with universal electric cars and alternative sources of energy, what we can do for now is make small steps towards a healthier Earth.

Hiring a staff shuttle bus is one of those steps; as there are fewer vehicles on the road, overall carbon emission greatly decreases. This is a perfect opportunity for any company, no matter how big or small, to greatly decrease its carbon footprint.

Shuttle Bus

Team Building Opportunities

Oftentimes, employees working in big companies don’t even get to meet each other if they are not working directly on the same tasks. Commuting to the workplace by bus offers precious time for chatting, getting to know each other better, discussing their work, and eventually getting to like their jobs even more.

As for the employees that are already familiar with each other, the casual environment of a comfortable bus trip provides an invaluable opportunity for team building. Staff members can even discuss the details of their current work project and save time later on.

Want a Shuttle Bus for Your Company? We are Ready to Help!

After reading about all of the great benefits of staff shuttle bus services, you must be wondering where to book them for your business. We at Chicago Motor Coach are experts in providing a range of professional bus transportation-related services, and will gladly help you make your work process much more convenient and safe.

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