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Employee Transportation Service
In The Chicago Area

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If you own a business in the Chicagoland area, you already have plenty of stress on your plate, and your employee’s transportation needs may not be top of mind. Also, if your employees are stressing out about how they’ll get to and from work due to difficult transportation situations, it can detract from their focus on the job. 

This is where employee shuttle rental in Chicago comes into play. At Chicago Motor Coach Inc., we’ll ensure your employees always have a safe and reliable ride to and from the office.

Each driver in our network is professionally trained to navigate even the tightest Chicago streets and intersections, so you and your employees can rest assured that you’ll get to the destination safely and efficiently.

We Meet the Needs of Any Business

At Chicago Motor Coach Inc., our transportation services assist a range of businesses daily. From small staffing agencies with fewer than 50 employees to large corporations that have hundreds of employees, we make it a point to care for all of your in-house employees to take any transportation-related stress off their plate. 

Employee Shuttle Buses for Groups of Any Size

What buses are available for your employee group travel? We use different motor coaches to safely transport passengers throughout the city and surrounding areas. The specific size depends upon the size of your company and how many employees require transportation simultaneously. 

Our fleet sizes include:

  • 56 Passenger Motor Coach Buses
  • 45-50 Passenger Motor Coach Buses
  • 40-44 Passenger Motor Coach Buses
  • 32-36 Passenger Motor Coach Buses
  • 26-30 Passenger Motor Coach Buses

Call us to learn more about which size bus is right for your business’s employee transportation needs. 

Flexible Transportation Routes for Your Employees

Your employees can benefit from group transportation options more often than you may think. Examples include:

Commutes To and From Work

Eliminate the stress and hassle of public transportation for your employees and provide them with a reliable and streamlined way to get to work each day. Your employees will especially like this option when the weather is bad or if they need a ride during an odd hour. 

Intercampus Shuttles

Large corporations and companies may have more than one campus, requiring some employees to travel from one campus to the next. If this is true for your business, an intercampus shuttle can provide a fast, easy, and reliable mode of transportation for employees. 

Last Mile Shuttles

Public transportation is the main method of getting around the Chicagoland area. Assist your employees with the final leg of their commute by providing shuttle services to and from major public transportation hubs such as the train station or near major bus lines. 

Transportation to Remote Work Sites

If your company is looking for workers in remote, rural areas, it can be difficult to recruit qualified employees for your business. Specific businesses such as packaging facilities, meat processing plants, factories, and automotive assembly plants are especially struggling to find quality recruits.

Having an accessible shuttle for employees can broaden your target recruiting area to bring in top talent to your company. 

Airport Employee Shuttle

If you often have more than one employee traveling at the same time, an airport shuttle service is a great way to streamline the drop-off and pickup process. This is particularly beneficial in a city such as Chicago, as there is often a lot of traffic going to the major airports: O’Hare International Airport (ORD)  and Midway Airport (MDW). 

Our buses can provide stress-free rides for both individuals as well as groups traveling for work. Although it may seem like a small benefit, transportation services for workers is something that employees will appreciate from their company. 

Conference Travels 

If your business often has conferences or larger corporate events, a corporate shuttle service can eliminate the need for carpooling or other rideshare apps. This allows employees to enjoy conferences instead of stressing out about the logistics of the event. 

Ongoing Shuttle Service for Employees

At Chicago Motor Coach Inc., not only do we offer one-off transportation services and short-term bus rentals, but we also offer long-term transportation for companies that require ongoing shuttle services. 

The logic behind employee group transportation is simple: having an organized and reliable mode of transportation allows employees to focus all of their energy on work instead of worrying about getting to and from the office. Employees can also spend their commutes preparing for their day, reviewing important notes before a big client meeting, or simply relaxing instead of worrying about traffic. 

To set up a long-term shuttle service for your employees, we’ll need information such as:

  • A rough headcount of how many employees will require daily transportation
  • General pickup and dropoff locations
  • A general timeline of how long you’ll need this service

Our team will handle the rest!

On-Board Amenities for Productive & Comfortable Commutes

Rest assured that each employee will feel safe and comfortable while on our buses. Each of our buses features top-of-the-line amenities such as:

  • Seatbelts
  • Reclining seats
  • Window shades
  • Arm & footrests
  • Individually climate control
  • AM/FM/CD/DVD 15” tv monitors

Employees can also be productive while on the road with us. We offer WiFi and power outlets on our buses on request, allowing employees to get some extra work done while onboard.

You can also consider the shuttle as a community workspace for your company, as it allows employees to chat about upcoming projects and presentations while staying updated on emerging industry trends. If your employees would rather kick their heels up and relax while on board, they can do that, too.

Areas We Serve

Please note that we serve the following Chicagoland areas:

If you need out-of-state bus transportation services, we are also happy to help!

Convenient Staff Shuttle Service You Can Rely On

We’re passionate about providing intelligent transportation solutions that can directly benefit your business, assisting your employees with their commuting needs. Traditionally, corporate travel has a reputation of being stressful, tedious, and plain exhausting. With our employee bus service, commuter transportation solutions have never been easier or less stressful.

If you’re curious about some of the benefits of using an employee transportation system, consider the following:

  • Broaden your talent pool: Staff your company with the right talent regardless of their transportation needs.
  • Optimize cost: Choose the ideal bus size for your company to optimize cost per seat. We can make changes to the size of the charter bus to fit your company’s needs.
  • Increase flexibility: Your employees will always have a ride to and from the office, allowing for more flexible working hours.
  • Socially responsible: Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by streamlining the commuting process, ultimately reducing the need for as many cars on the road.


Is it safe to use a shuttle service during the pandemic?

We take the pandemic’s safety requirements very seriously! Our staff is taking extra precautions to keep passengers safe on every trip. We can assist your company with establishing mask mandates, temperature checks, and onboard social distancing to ensure every employee feels comfortable on our buses. In fact, many employees find that shuttle service for employees during COVID offers an elevated safety experience compared to most other modes of public transportation.

Who can use the employee shuttle service?

Nearly any worker in any industry can benefit from our employee shuttle service. In-office employees such as nurses, construction workers, doctors, and other office employees can benefit from our reliable services.

Do you offer Wi-Fi on your vehicles?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available on certain buses that we operate. You can refer to our fleet page to see which buses come equipped with Wi-Fi. We are always happy to work with you to accommodate the needs of your employees while onboard.

How much does it cost to rent an employee bus?

If you’re wondering how to reduce employee transportation costs, opting for an employee bus is it! We always offer competitive pricing to make it as affordable as possible for your company to use our employee transportation services.

We encourage you to check out our rates page to see what our current rates are.

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